KT200 Drum Set

  • KT-200 DRUM SET

The new KAT KT-200 is designed to be used as a professional electronic drum kit. It comes with 232 built-in ultra-realistic drum sounds, a simple and easy to use interface, and a fully customizable sound library. With its state of the art velocity-sensitive triggers, you can set parameters on the drum pad triggers, thus ensuring the best possible playing response. 

The KT-200 has 4 types of built-in drum coaches like "Practice" mode, and also comes standard with features that include Quick Record/Quick Play, effects additions and drum group functions. Dollar for dollar the KT-200 is the premier choice whether you are playing live on stage, recording at the studio or practicing at home. It also includes digital access to the best-selling book The Beginner's Guide to Electronic Drums by Bob Terry and video lessons from The Hal Leonard Drumset Method!

  • 232 built-in hyperreal drum sounds

  • Ultra-realistic touch response

  • Up to 50 drum sets at the touch of a button – 25 default sets and 25 sets customized by the user

    • - 25 Play Along music minus tracks

  • Easy and compact set up save times and space

  • Special hardware design minimizes potential of crosstalk

  • Fully customizable sound library editor

  • USB port supports USB flash disk audio players and USB-MIDI

  • Built-in Coach feature improves skills and quickness

  • Includes 11-inch dual zone mesh snare, 3-9-inch tom-tom pads, 3 12-inch dual zone cymbals; a 14-inch dual zone ride cymbal, 11-inch kick tower

  • -  KT-TBB Silent Strike bass pedal beater Included

  • ***No pedal included

Kit Configuration
  Snare: 11" Dual Zone Mesh
  Tom1 - Tom3: 9" Single Zone Pad
  Crash1-2: 12" Dual Zone Cymbal w/Choke
  Ride: 14" Dual Zone Cymbal w/Choke
  Hi-Hat: 12" Single Zone Cymbal no Choke
Kick Tower
9" Pad on shock absorbing Kick Tower
Tone Generator
  Drum Kits: 50 (25 preset kits + 25 user kits)
  Drum Instruments: 232 (Drums, Percussion, Cymbal sounds)
  Effects: Reverb, Chorus, EQ high and Low adjustments
  Power Supply: DC 9V
  Carton Dimensions: 19.5(W) x 12.5(H) x 36(D) in
  Total Package Weight: 64lbs

  • KT-200 USB sound module; shock absorption kick tower w/9" pad
  • Hi-hat trigger pedal
  • 11" Dual-zone Mesh snare pad
  • (3) 9” single zone tom pads
  • (2) 12” Dual-Zone Crash cymbals
  • (1) 14" Ride cymbal
  • (1) 12” Single Zone Hi Hat Pad
  • "Silent Strike" bass drum pedal beater
  • Drum rack with mounting hardware
  • Multi-pin breakout audio cable snake
  • Drum key
  • 5 BlackVelcro ties
  • Assembly instructions
  • User manual
  • - Download card for Additional Content
KT-200 Electronic Drumkit Introduction


Email: drums@halleonard.com
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